How to set up the perfect home theatre system

When it comes to watching TV, we all look for a television that provides a good quality output of pixels. However, the part that is difficult is when it comes to choosing whats the best and most suitable technologies for television. The two most famous ones are LED and OLED. While Light Emitting Diode is known as a transmissive technology, the Organic Light Emitting Diode is an emissive technology.

Personally, I love an OLED TV compared to an LED one, due to the price and affordability. An OLED is a TV that produces its own light whereas the LED uses a back-light to illuminate the pixels. Due to the back lighting effects on the TV’s contrast, LED are being thrown out of the game and people have started opting for OLED, which has a higher display.

As far as music is concerned, its always advisable to opt for speakers that give a good surround sound system, unlike the ones that merely focus in one direction. The good thing is, we no longer need that big woofer to generate good sound anymore. The latest music system that is taking over the world right now is the PHANTOM. Just like the name, its a one foot long sound system with an all-in-one amplifier and speaker that delivers what audiophiles think maybe the best sound across the globe, making it a perfect suite for a small house.

Another option is beFree 5.1 surround sound audio system that is a good option for a home theater system. It has all the types of speakers surrounding the living room, making it the best fit for a big room. It has a sub-woofer to produce bass tones and other low frequency notes.

Additionally, it also has a center speaker which is the most important speaker of all the speakers in a sound system. All the ‘important’ sounds are channeled through the central speaker. A satellite speaker is another term used for a speaker that needs to be placed on the left or right side of the room. In short, there are two front speakers on the left and the right sides of the room and vice versa. At the very end, there is an equalizer, which will just be a part of your PC.

Now the trick is to set up a home theater system along with the TV, so the easiest way is to put the TV in a certain position that enables the view to be clear. In addition to this, the speakers can either be fixed on the four sides of the wall (satellite speakers) the woofer at the center of the room and the equalizer, which is just a part of the TV, placed near it.

Once you set your room up with the following electronics and arranged in a well-fashioned way, you will be amazed at the sound quality produced along with the picture quality! So buy your electronics after doing good research on the products and deploy them in the above steps. Trust me, its worth a try!

3 Fun Photo Editing Programs and Apps Anyone Can use

With many promising models of smartphones and cameras, we cannot stray from the urges of taking a candid photo and selfies of all kind. If you love traveling, your only trophies of every place you have been to are the photos itself. Same goes if you are fond of blogging whatever hobby you have on the internet.

Photos do not necessarily need to be perfect at all times. There may be deviances and tiny problems you may encounter of the photos you have taken, but that is just fine. There is a wide selection of fun photo editing programs and applications you may use to enhance and beautify your collections.

Photographers are knowledgeable when it comes to the sophisticated editing programs like Photoshop. But if you are not familiar with Photoshop, there are still many applications to use that are available to your smartphone or computers.

I have gathered some of the best and fun photo editing applications you may use that does not have to be time-consuming and hard to use. It is also free to use and download online, so you don’t have to worry about cost either. All you need is a device and the application, and then you may carry on to your editing business.

· Snapseed

Snapseed is a Google application that makes editing easier and fun in many ways. It offers the basic tools in editing such as cropping and rotating. It also has many filters you can choose from whichever interest you. Not only that, the same as other applications, you can add texts and frames. The only difference it has from other applications is you get to view your editing history from which it tops them all.

· Photoshop Fix

If you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you may want to try Photoshop Fix. Because the Adobe desktop version is sometimes hard to understand, this application is a mixture of Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop. You can edit using the tools contained in Snapseed; and if you are not yet satisfied you can also enjoy the variety of tools that are more advanced in order to get the right editing you want to see. This is offered for free, but you can also upgrade to a premium account to enjoy everything you can get from it.


This application is infamous nowadays. You can shoot photos from here; edit them with the best blends of exposure, contrast, saturation and such. Also, there is a community where in you can share your photos. VSCO can be downloaded by android phones, iPhones, and even computers. It is the simplest application that offers classy editing and great results. I recommend this if you love connecting with people.

People all have different taste. We can be specific sometimes, and hate that we can’t get the result we want. The applications above are just the most commonly used and most useful apps that are easy and fun to use.

If you want more, you may just find the right application that suits you well. Regardless of application, the most important factor that would highlight your photo is the reason behind it and the memories you can get from the shots you take.

Have fun editing your photos. And continue to live life to the fullest.

Learn Digital Photography – Basic Tips for Beginners

Fundamentals are essential to whatever your hobby or pastime. If you can learn the basics then you have a foundation for the future. So here are some of my tips to get your started.

1 Get into the habit A casual observer never really involved on the fringes of pastime and never does anything worthwhile. It’s the same with photography. If you regularly shoot images that you never really get into photography. You need to develop a routine for taking pictures on a frequent basis. Only then can you implement the things you have learned. So plan your time in days or a week, regularly, so you know that you shoot allocated learning time.

2 Learn your equipment basics Getting Started with your tripod, flash, camera and other pieces will be familiar in your kit to help you create a foundation for learning. To learn creativity, you have to know where your aperture, shutter speed and ISO to change. Familiarize yourself with the most important settings of the camera and get to know their positions with the eye to the viewfinder. Once you know that starting this dials, buttons and switches then ready to shoot real images.

3 Get closer So many inexperienced photographers are too far away from a possible motive and leave huge expanses of dead or negative space that serves no purpose in the picture. Use your feet to get closer and fill the frame with your subject or composition. This is what memories are all about. Pictures with people who fill the viewfinder. Years from now you will want to remember it and not a dot in a photograph. Remember that the photos to create visual memories.

4 Use the rule of thirds This is a simple but effective rule that you need to understand before you break it. Set your screen overlaid with a Tic-Tac or nought and crosses grid, which most of us played as children. These lines break the screen up into thirds horizontally and vertically. Where these lines intersect are focal points or places where you can position your subjects. The horizontal line is where you place your horizon, never in the middle of the image. Effectively with this rule will dramatically improve your images.

5 Change your angle Think about it! Most of the photos that you see in albums shot on screens or in books on the subject to 5 feet or 1.5 meters above the ground. This, climb through variation by changing the angle to move the feet up a tree or lying on your back, you will dramatically improve your images. Do not be afraid to look stupid when you try to get a really great shot. Experiment and find the shot that works for you. You will not be disappointed.

6.Busy backgrounds or recognizable background objects lessen the impact of your photo. Make sure the background won’t overwhelm or detract from your shot. The subject should stand out against a simple background.

There are many basic tips that I could give you. These are just a few that will change your photography very quickly and go on your photographic journey with the speed and with more skill. Do not ever be afraid to experiment and try different things. Happy shooting!


Choosing which destination to travel to is as important and as exciting as buying your first car. You have to consider several factors: people, distance, security etc. Number one destination in 2017 has to be Brighton, United Kingdom. Brighton has always been a tourist attraction. The life style there keeps evolving and you can visit every year and have a different experience each time you do. Of course most people who have been there will tell you about the beautiful Brighton beach and amazing nightlife. But for me, Brighton offers a lot more than that. It’s all about the people. You feel right at home as soon as you get there. Almost everyone is friendly and welcoming. Every club or shop you enter presents a new experience.

Another great destination is the Island of Mauritius. This is a beautiful country which has some many beautiful sights. It has beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, rich history and wonderful people. Africa is a continent with so much history and Mauritius is one place that showcases this. The Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis, Mauritius has an unbelievable collection of paintings and sculptures. I guarantee you will never see anything like it anywhere else in the world. Port louis also has an amazing night life and just like Brighton the people make your experience unforgettable.

Boracay, Philippines is probably the most breathtaking location to visit in 2017. It is definitely one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. In fact, Boracay was awarded the 2012 best island in the world (International travel magazine). But this island is more than just about attractive beaches and nice food, it is about the culture and people. The Ati-Atihan festival in itself is enough reason to visit. This will give an experience like no other. The beautiful beaches and architecture is only a bonus.

Cape Verde is an island off the coast of West Africa. Some may think of this as a less obvious choice but my research says otherwise. The music, the dance, the food are only a few reasons why anyone will choose to visit this island. Everything about this place is unique. If a new experience and unforgettable memories are what you are looking for then Cape Verde should be your target. The beaches and mountains are like no other.

The last but not the least is Barbados. I realize this is a more obvious choice than the other 4 locations but it had to be on my list. This island is filled with surprises. I mean not only do they have the most exquisite beaches and hotels but the Carnivals in this island are mind blowing. If fun and excitement is what you are looking for than look no further than Barbados.

To conclude, every travel location in the world has something that differentiates it from other places. But my experience has shown me that people are just as important as recreational sites. These are the top 5 locations to visit in 2017, and I guarantee that every experience in these places will be unique and memorable.

7 Fun Ways to Stay Entertained if You Are Bored

entertainmentBeing bored can be very difficult. However, there are numerous ways to overcome boredom and make the situation more entertaining. The best way you can take advantage of dull moments is being productive through fun ways. Below are 7 fun ways to stay entertained if you are bored.

7 Fun ways to beat boredom

1. Look at funny images online

The internet has become a great source of the amazing entertaining substance. For example, try searching Funny Images online and you will be amazed at what you see. You can spend a lot of time looking at funny pictures of various animals. You can also search for funny videos to pass the time. If you are looking for ways to help a friend who is bored, you can share photos and video clips you find online.

2. Bake something

If you are bored, and you do not want to go to the internet, you can visit your cabinet. If you have flour and some sugar left, think of something you can bake. With the supplies you have, you can get a recipe online to bake something great. Baking a cake can be fun and also a productive way to pass the time.

If one of your friend or relatives has a birthday, you can bake something for them.

3. Make music mix CDs

With a black CD, you can try making a music mix. Making a mix CD is not hard and you can browse the process online. Make a mix for your friends, or for yourself to listen when driving.

4. Learn some dance moves

By purchasing a dancing video CD, you can learn some dance moves. Do not worry about your funny moves. Remember your main goal is to have fun. Learning dancing is good for your mental and physical fitness. Even if you do not know how to dance, you might have more fun than you expected.

5. Go through old photos

Looking at old photos can be fun. You will be surprised to see how you have added weight or how small you were five years ago. You will laugh and be amazed looking through these pictures. If you have not kept a physical photo album, you can browse your Facebook album.

6. Watch Funny Videos online

Another great way to stay entertained if you are bored is watching funny videos online. There are more than one million comedians who post funny content on their YouTube channels. You can also get funny clips of famous standup comedians online. Just look for funny content online and you will feel entertained. Watching these clips will make the hours pass more quickly than you can imagine.

7. Be a tourist in your own city

If you cannot figure out something to do indoors, you can become a tourist in your own city. Just pretend you have never to your city before. Choose a day to visit all famous attractions and eat at local restaurants. This is a great chance for you to revisit various places you take for granted.

7 Tips for Travel Photography

Every trip you take creates a unique story. Every place you visit provides you with interesting sights, extraordinary experiences, and valuable lessons that you can bring with you when you come back home. Photography is one of the best ways to document your travels and capture everything you experience from a trip. Even if you are not big in travel photography, you can still take awesome snapshots with these excellent pointers and tips.

Do your homework

Even before you step into the land of your destination, it would be smart to do an extensive research about the place. Travel guides, travel magazines, websites—so many information are available from so many different resources. Through research, you will find out the most spectacular sights to take pictures of. You can even plan how you are going to take photos of these sights. Not only that, you should also take to study about customs and traditions in your choice of destination to assure that you do not offend anybody while taking photos.

Learn some photography rules

As you do your planning, take time to know about basic travel photography rules and techniques. The rule of thirds, which helps you avoid taking dead-center subjects on pictures is one of the things that you need to study about. Moreover, learn about the different elements of photos that will help you take better snapshots: color, symmetry, framing, and lighting.

Get out and wander around

It certainly is nice to spend some extra hours in bed to sleep and relax. But if you’re looking into taking great photos, you need to get out there as early as you can since people especially in tropical places are very active in the morning.

Be alert and ready

Always have your camera ready. You never know when an opportunity for a wonderful photo will strike. No, you don’t have to walk around with a camera hanging around your neck, looking like a tourist. Instead, you can have a small point and shoot digital camera in your pocket to take out during spontaneous moments. You can save your huge digital SLR for landscape and scenery photography.

Explore different subjects

Landscapes such as mountains, forests, plains, deserts, swamps, rivers, and seacoasts, cities and towns, skylines, monuments, buildings, architectural structures, people, culture, activities, events, food, and even mundane things that you don’t get to see everyday.

Take pictures that tell a story

We have seen it more than a million times already—a person, couple, or group of people standing in front of a landmark, posing, smiling or doing peace signs. Is there no more room for creativity anymore? Instead of taking this usual photo, be on the lookout for shots that will convey a message.

Bring a pen and notebook

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, bringing a pen and a notebook with you so you can jot down your innermost thoughts and feelings during that particular moment you took that shot will be a great way to tell a story about your photo. Take notes not only of what you felt at that moment but also your observations around the place.

Nobody ever travels without a camera. Handy in documenting your trips and capturing priceless memories, a camera is one tool that you should never forget to pack for your vacation. Even if you are not a savvy travel photographer who can take perfect snapshots of places and people, you should still bring your camera and perhaps, improve your photography skills before you go on your journey. Be sure to bring these travel photography tips and pointers to your trip.

The reason behind popularity of Drone Photograph

A drone, at times referred to as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System), is an autonomous or an aircraft that is remotely piloted. The two important kinds of drones are the fixed-wing and multi-copter. The multi-copters are capable of hovering and flying at relatively slow altitudes and speeds, thereby rendering them best for applications like aerial photography, aerial videos, real estate photography and aerial video.

On the other hand, fixed-wing drones are important for high-altitude or long-distance applications like search and save, surveying and mapping of large regions.

The drones that were only a component of transformer series and space war serials are now a striking and common reality. There was a time when people could only dream of such stuff, let alone see it. But now we have stepped into age, where dreams are not hard to be converted into reality.

We not only know drones but some of us possess them, ruling their world and keeping a close watch at every bee that is passing their land or property. Here are some reasons why this dreamy structure got popular in our real world.

East set up

You don’t need to know rocket science to put up this gadget. The manufacturers have already studied that, and you just need to follow some quick instructions and setting them up is super easy and quick. You can have it ready and roaming in minutes and get ready to see the world.


Well, if you thought this is affordable only to the billionaires and just not for your segment, then you are wrong. You can easily buy drones as they come in different prices and varied sizes depending on your needs. The areas they cover are appreciable and are budget friendly.


Now this is a trend nowadays. If you a nature lover, you wouldn’t want to do anything against it and drones realize this. They are electrically powered, no fuel wastage and that made the environmentalists scream with joy.


This is what they were made for. We are so obsessed with traveling and we require portability for everything. You can keep the worries aside as they can easily be carried to any location of the earth and are functional in even the remotest corner of the world. You never have to say goodbye to your gadget.


With competing manufacturers and companies running for sales, no one dares to compromise with the quality. These drones are super reliable and safe to use. They won’t be stuck or fall off without warning, so you can be sure of completing your missions anyhow.

Incredibly Secretive

What is the use of keeping a check on employees if they already know you are keeping a check? Loud gadgets can prove detrimental to the secrecy of the job. The drones are quieter than their counterparts, and so they can be used to effective use without the world knowing about them.

Multiple Uses

They are not employed for fun. Their range of usage is vast and can even save people’s lives. The government uses drones to keep a check on crimes, to save people, to check law enforcement and the general security. The real estate sector is enjoying the drone photography benefits quite well.

Monitor Remote places

There are places you cannot physically reach but need to monitor it. A volcano is a suitable example. Such areas can easily be studied and monitored using these amazing and cost effective gadgets.

Effective Tips for Interior Design

These days, it seems like everyone is dying to re-design their home. However, very few people go through the process of doing so. You might be one of these people, OR you might be wondering what’s stopping them.

The truth is that few people feel like they have enough money or time to decorate the way they want to. Interior design plans usually end up falling to the wayside and getting lost in the whirlwind of work and other obstructing obligations.

Well, guess what? Hardly anyone looks past these obstructions and realizes that decorating doesn’t have to be especially costly OR time-consuming.

With easy do-it-yourself tips like these, you can transform your home into the personal space of your dreams, and spare yourself a whole lot of effort when it comes to your wallet or your busy schedule.

One of the easiest first steps to take in transforming a room is to paint. Painting doesn’t require the skillful eyes of a professional, and it can be incredibly cheap. First, you should pick one or two colors that will complement each other (and the other elements of the room).

Always consult with a fashion-conscious friend. After selecting a color of your choice, you can buy primer, paint buckets, brushes, and rollers by yourself from a Home Depot or another hardware store. Then, make sure your carpets and hardwood floors are covered and roll the paint on the walls by yourself. Save a few bucks on buckets of paint. You can always pick one wall of room to paint, and leave the other three walls blank. Painting one wall will add a lot of color and decoration to a room, and it will cost you hardly any money OR time.

Once you’ve painted your walls, it’s time to spruce up your room with furniture arrangement. Look in your local newspaper for garage sales, estate sales, antique shops or flea markets. Places like these are a surefire route to unique, antique, original pieces that will look fabulous in your re-designed spaces. And often, garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets will have furniture for sale so cheap that they will be practically giving it away.

They say other people’s junk can be your new treasures!

If you’re tired of looking at old hardwood floors, try sprucing up a room with a new carpet. You can often find beautiful oriental carpets that people have discarded at some shops. Before you buy one, make sure the rug is clean and in good condition. Also, make sure to get a rubber mat to put under the carpet, so it stays in place on your floor.

A new carpet will add warmth and an element of comfort to your cold, hard floor, as well as color and a subtle, yet pleasant new aesthetic.

These are just a few of many simple interior design tips that don’t have to rob you of obscene amounts of time or money. In the modern world, the average human being is busier than ever before, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating a comfortable, stylish home that you enjoy coming back to after a busy day.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Photo Booth for Your Next Event

Photo booth

Have you been trying to think of a way to make a special event more fun than usual? It may be a birthday party, summer get-together, or a wedding. Celebrate a graduation, office party, or convention. The opportunity to create and keep lasting memories is yours when you arrange to have one or more photo booths available, there is also a lot of other cool gadget trends such as aerial drone photography which people are really enjoying using for their events. People of all ages go crazy during impromptu photo booth shoots, enjoying the action and laughs. Five of the most popular reasons follow – some of them may even be your favorites.

1 No age limit and unlimited ideas. Photo booths are a wonderful way to capture photographic memories from newborns through any age. Props are frequently part of the package, and of course you can bring your own. Dress like a cowboy or cowgirl or wear a fancy dress and boa. Wacky glasses, bowler hats, or even an arrow that slips over your head with the feathers on one side and the arrowhead on the other produce zany shots.

2 Affordable and plentiful. Once only available at zoos, skating rinks, and movie theaters, photo booth rentals now are economical and portable. The company you rent them from provides delivery, setup and takedown, and usually has a representative onsite to answer questions and provide assistance when needed. Standard Kande Photo Booths hold four to five guests. There’s even an open air booth with curtains that holds up to 10 guests. Just let the company know how many guests are expected. They’ll do the math and give the recommended number of booths to rent.

3 A friendly icebreaker. Nearly everyone enjoys having their picture taken and sharing the results. That explains one or more cameras in cell and smart phones and an era of selfies that may never end. The crowd around the photo booth will laugh with delight as pictures are passed around for everyone to view. The strips of photos make the rounds as strangers introduce themselves to one another and establish their relationship in the group.

4 Photo strips galore in B&W and color. Photo strips are usually unlimited so everyone at the event can collect a shot of themselves with every other person, if desired. Build an unofficial scrapbook to carry home with you or place in the breakroom for viewing the next day. You and your guests just jot down the strip and/or picture ID number to order inexpensive copies after the event. What a fabulous opportunity to share the day with friends and relatives far away!

5 Convenient scheduling. Pros handle the details while you wander through the crowd to greet guests. The minimum and maximum rental time vary by company and range from three to five hours. There’s plenty of opportunity to get candid pictures of a first birthday celebration or golden anniversary. Ask the companies you contact about split hours, where the booth is closed for an hour or so without cost to you midway through the celebration.

7 Home Projects to Tackle This Summer

home planning

Extra hours of daylight and warm weather deliver the opportunity to tackle home renovations. Before you head off on that long awaited summer vacation, take some time to check the following home maintenance tasks off your to-do list. You’ll thank yourself in the fall.

1. Freshen up your carpets and walls. Use a mild, alcohol free cleanser to wipe down interior walls without damaging paint. A sponge mop is a great way to reach high spots! Start at the tops of your walls and pull straight down. Rinse and repeat until the walls are sparkling. Shampoo the carpets after they’ve been vacuumed, it’s almost as good as new carpeting and the warm weather will make them dry more quickly.

2. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets. Remove cupboard doors for an open look, line the shelves with decorative paper, or paint the sides of your drawers for a two-tone appearance. New handles and knobs can also be affordably purchased for extra interest.

3. Add storage space in the bathroom. A double brass hook on the back of the door keeps robes and other articles of clothing off limited counter space. Decorative shelving above the toilet is out of the way while providing space to hold extra towels and sundries.

4. Create or update your garden. A cheerful flower garden or thrifty vegetable patch in the yard adds curb appeal. Add beauty to the entryway with a planter full of colourful blossoms and vines. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, raised garden beds are easy to create and provide a barrier to pests and weeds.

5. Seal your windows. Reduce your hydro bill and make your home renovations more comfortable by sealing off leaks around the window frames. A putty knife, caulk, and a caulking gun can be purchased from your local hardware store. Squeeze the caulk out evenly while moving the gun steadily across the edges of each frame and remove the excess.

6. Organize your tools. Summer is the perfect time to make it easier to find your tools, and pegboard doesn’t have to be boring. Start by painting the pegboard a cheerful colour, think about using a felt pen to draw the outline of each tool so they are returned to the right spot. Small metal baskets can be used to hold small items like nails, screws, and tape.

7. Clean your barbecue. There’s a good chance your grill has been ignored all winter long. Summer barbecues provide the opportunity to sit out in the sunshine and have a picnic in your own back yard. Clean the outside of your barbecue with warm soap and water. The inside should be cleaned while still warm, before everything has a chance to get rock hard. Alternatively, place an aluminum tray with water over a single lit burner, the steam from the boiling water will help loosen hardened food debris without any toxic residue!

We all feel better when the check lists are completed. All that’s left to do now is sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of your summer.