How Photography Became a Trend Again

photography trend

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, photography hit a sharp decline. The polaroid camera was on the way out and fewer people were developing film. This was partially due to a decline in interest in the craft, and the only cameras on the market were expensive due to the new technology that was rolling out. This included digital cameras that would cost several hundred dollars and were often out of the affordability of most people. With the only other option high end cameras, and a decline in availability in places that could print traditional photographs, this art began to decline.

With the rise of social media, there was some rekindled interest in photography. As MySpace grew at the time, people enjoyed the chance to share a few pictures at a time. As people began to move over to Facebook, photographs slowly became popular again. This was partially due to many of the cell phones at the time offering a camera as a feature in them.

By the mid 2000s, more phones had cameras in them and with that came an influx of pictures. People had a desire to share their photographs and to post them on social media. At the same time, there was a trend of people who took pictures of themselves for the sake of sharing new daily pictures. This has led to the selfie craze that to this day hasn’t let up online. Millions of people around the world continue to snap images of themselves and plaster them online. This popular trend has even led to the invention of devices that help to make this process easier, such as the selfie stick.

There are even internet celebrities who have taken the art of posing in front of the camera to gain notoriety. An example is Stalker Sarah, a young woman who takes the same pose next to today’s hottest celebrities. People follow her to see how the various celebrities act and her images are perhaps some of the more interesting selection of photographs online. This isn’t always well received though, some celebrities like Demi Lovato have been outspoken about Stalker Sarah and complained that the readily available nature of cameras has caused more people to invade their private lives.

Another popular trend has been photo booth photos, something that was an afterthought considered popular in the 90’s in small malls for a goof, or specifically for passport photos or drivers licenses, has now reemerged big time in parties, weddings, corporate events due to its social popularity since friends can share silly pictures quickly online. One popular example is, which is one of the major photo booth companies we’ve ran into through our research online.

With the crazy weather in the world, people are documenting the experiences they have. A popular trend has been to take photographs of lightning, hurricanes, tornados, and even heavy snow. Images of the weather can quickly become viral and give a person a chance to be popular for a moment online. Because of the chance for momentary notoriety, more people have begun to use photography as a platform for success.

Now that everyone has ready access to a camera, we can expect there to be more pictures that are introduced to the world. This never ending array of photographs is certain to continue to climb and with it, there will new trends that will begin with a single image and they will help to further propel the popularity of self photography.