3 Cool Gadgets Coming Out in 2018 Everyone Should Know About

With the boom in the cutting-edge high-tech gadgets, some specialists have raised concerns about the world of technology getting less exciting, since there has been so much innovation in the past couple of years resulting in having more iterations and less innovation for the upcoming era.

If you agree with this, you will certainly change your mind after reviewing some of the coolest inventions that are coming out this year. Although your smartphone may have replaced a lot of the stand-alone gadgets, there are still many great ideas out there your smartphone still cannot offer you. Here are 3 of the coolest gadgets coming out in 2018 that are enough to get your
mind blown.

1. SELFY’sAutonomous iPhone-Case Flying Camera Drone

With this cool gadget developed by SELFY Camera, you will not have to carry around a selfie stick the next time you hang out with your friends, nor will you have to stretch your hands and squeeze your head in to include everyone inside an average picture. Instead, all what you have to do is slide your smart phone out of your pocket, press a key and watch it as it takes
off into the air to take great selfies of you and your friends. This is no more fictional as this cool flying camera drone developed by SELFY Camera is about to come out and let you do so.

Although smart camera drones have been arising as a trend for a while now, SELFY takes this new gadget into a whole new level. The perk in this one is that it doubles as a case for your smart phone. This flying phone case camera is only 9mm (3/8 inch) thin, which makes it easy to slide in your pocket. This way, when an opportunity rises for a good selfie, you will surely have all what it takes to take a good one just by reaching your phone in your pocket.

2. Nutale Real Time GPS

This intelligent personal GPS tracker will let you track your kids, pets or any moving thing that you care about. It is user-friendly with its small size that makes it easy to place and carry anywhere. All you need to do is to download the app and attach the tracker to your beloved ones or your belongings. One of the cool features it brings you is real-time GPS tracking, giving you highly accurate information.

It enables you to set virtual fences to define safety zones, and comes with a Multiple Safety Zones feature, so you can rest assured that your beloved ones or objects are safe in more than once place. Once the tracked object leaves or enters the set safety region, you will directly receive a breach alert on your app.It also keeps record for 24 hours of location history
which you can easily check on the app, and traces footprints from the last 28 days which you can view on the Nutra GPS complete location records.

3. Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

This simple, tiny wearble ring is claimed by Motiv to have impressive fitness tracking capabilities that, if true, will make this new product breakthrough the fitness wearables market and outrank standard fitness wristbands saturating the market. The titanium-encased ring can track you sleep pattern, fitness, steps and distance. Once you download its app, you will start receiving notifications about your health and fitness activity data. The ring also comes with an optical heart rate sensor, and has a long battery life that stays on from three to five days on one charge. Moreover, the ring is water-proof, so you need not to worry about taking your ring off each time you go under the shower or jump into a swimming pool. In terms of design, the ring comes in seven different sizes to suit everyone, and will be available in two colors, gray and rose gold. An elegant LED band is included which indicates charging and syncing notifications.