Are Photo Booths a Passing Fad Destined to Be Replaced by Apps?

Photo booths have been a fixture of shopping malls, restaurants, and various locations for years. They have been a common feature at weddings, parties, and other events, allowing guests to bring a home a token to remember the day by. Eager users pile in, happily pose for a few cute shots, and get to customize and print their photos with a short waiting time.

Less traditional photo booths appear in everyday locations today, and it’s rarer to stumble across one, even in popular malls and tourist areas. However, some have been replaced by newer and more modern versions that are digitized. They offer more advanced features, print faster, and have more intuitive filters and editing options. Some can even directly download pictures from links to your social media posts, so you can take photos on your phone and print them at the booth.

But is all of this just a passing fad? Can more modern photo booths save this tradition? There has been some debate over whether or not photo booths will continue to be popular as the years progress. After all, photographs as a whole dwindle in popularity annually, what with the wonders of modern technological advancement that continue to develop and grow at a steady rate. Our smartphones are now capable of taking pictures and sharing them immediately to anyone in the world. Applications like Snapchat and other filter apps allow for special cameras that morph features and add cute or cool
characteristics to photos, while photo editing apps let users edit, airbrush, morph, draw on, and add stickers to pictures anytime.

Here’s the surprising truth: the photo booth business is still as booming as it has ever been! While they are less common in everyday locations, photo booth rentals for events are growing in popularity. Some photo booth provider companies have bookings for their products and services made years in advance! But how is this possible, when plenty of phone applications exist that can fill the need for these booths?

Traditional photographs have a simpler, more sentimental quality than digital pictures. You can hold them, frame them, and keep them as momentos and reminders of an important day in your life. They are known for being perceived as more romantic versions to the selfies that can easily be snapped everyday. On top of that, photo booths at events have a fun element to them that is almost akin to a carnival ride. In today’s world, they’re unique and exciting, which makes them a hit with guests. As they become less common, their novelty increases.

In a nutshell, while traditional photo booths become harder to find out and about and phone applications replace traditional picture-taking avenues, photo booths remain an integral and interesting part of countless events and are as popular as ever. With digital photo booths that have successfully made the 21st century transition, there’s no telling when these memory-making machines will fall out of style – or if they ever will.