Are Smartphones Built To Last or Will a New Technology Take O-ver?

Smartphones, just like other pre-conventional gadgets that have come and gone, will also vanish when their opportune time comes. However, they are not going away very soon, at least about a decade to come. It is not something that will happen on an instant, but shall occur gradually, making the generation to hardly believe that the transition is actually taking place. In fact, if you have never realized it, you are being fooled by the smoothness with which this transition is occurring, because the smartphone demise has already began!

Every startup is laying their device to rest, slowly by slowly. Every day, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and many other startups are playing their part to achieve this transition.

It is highly predicted that the death of smartphones is going to bring weird things for everybody, in terms of our general lifestyle. Shifts happen, it takes time to get out of a certain era (think regular home phones) and shift into another one (mobile phones)

This is how it is going to happen and what will come after:

First Stage

Smartphones and iPhone Accessories are thought to be revolutionary gadgets and devices, able to do anything, yet small in size. But looking at it from another perspective, laptops are bigger but they serve a similar functions as smartphone, with additional components like a mouse and keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has Bixby which is a latest virtual assistant being predicted that there comes a time in the near future when it will enable you control every app and feature with your voice alone. The next iPhone is also said to have such features.

As Amazon Echo and other Devices such as Apple Watch and Sony PlayStation VR increasingly enjoy success, more companies are also on a move to invent better devices.

Second Stage

In this stage, all the current first-stage technologies and experimental technologies will start coming up with a more familiar but bizarre thing.

For instance, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Google are trying to come up with standalone, augmented-reality headsets which will be able to project 3D images more straight to the eyes. This is probably going to replace all gadgets that use screen. It will further serve other functions such as chats, calls, games and movies, or in deed anything that your smartphone does..

This implies that the world is going to have both technology and real life seamlessly blended together, which is termed as a future of reduced technological distractions, increased balance, when finally both technological and physical world will become one thing.

Third Stage (The Climax)

In this era, crazy things are going to happen. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses and you are done with all about your technological needs! Here is when the craziest, unpredictable and forward looking things will happen.

Computers shall be part of humans as humans shall be part of computers. This is the destination of smartphones. Placing a neural lace as a way of integrating computers into our heads shall mark the climax of technological advancements.

The projected realities of the future of smartphones is a step by step process that is highly dependent on both research and intelligence. It is evidence-based, looking at the developments that have occurred in the arena of technology over the past years, and the rate at which they have been occurring. Augmenting human mind is therefore going to stand out as the ultimate superpower, since this is the greatest development to take place in the history of mankind.