What Nintendo is getting right with the Switch

Nintendo has managed to survive numerous changes in the video game market over the years, while at the same time changing the industry fundamentally at various points.

The original family Nintendo Entertainment System sparked the market back into life after a major global slump. It sold millions of copies and brought about iconic characters such as Mario and Zelda, as well as timeless classics such as Excitebike.

Then their portable Game Boy added more fuel to the fire when it launched in 1989, which would go on to sell over 100 million units around the world, becoming one of the bestselling consoles of all time.

The arrival of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox changed the landscape a bit, with more mature content and advanced graphics taking the shine from Nintendo. However, this innovative company shot back into the spotlight with the Nintendo Wii, which was a global phenomenon despite losing steam just as quickly.

It must be said, that the Nintendo Switch brought about a console that would truly compete with PlayStation and Xbox in terms of the gaming experience, and has quickly attained cult status in the market.

Unlike the Wii before, here is how Nintendo has put strategies in place to keep the Switch competitive:

Ultimate convenience:

The Nintendo Switch is the first, real hybrid console and portability is a major draw card. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild launched alongside the console, and this critically acclaimed title played as well on the move as it did on an HD TV.
AAA titles:
Nintendo is known to have produced some strange video games, and although they can go a long way with their iconic characters, the lack of other major releases on the likes of Xbox and PlayStation saw them struggle to remain competitive. This has changed with the Switch, as ports of major titles such as Doom, Rocket League and Wolfenstein 2 have meant that gamers won’t miss out on all major releases.

Vibrant indie market:

There is always something new to play on the Switch. The indie game market has embraced the system, and with these titles being perfect for on-the-go gaming, it seems like the ideal platform for the best indie games.

Excellent exclusives:

Nintendo is not simply relying on nostalgia to sell games this time around. Their new titles featuring old characters have enjoyed positive reviews. Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are two excellent examples, while Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart offer solid online gaming options to those who want a more competitive gaming experience.

Despite the success of the Nintendo Wii, the company needed to make a dramatic change to seriously compete in the market, instead of relying on gimmicks and quick fixes. The Nintendo Switch, with its solid design and excellent catalogue of games, has certainly been a step in the right direction for Nintendo.

By July this year, the Switch had already sold over 20 million units, while at launch there were not enough consoles to satisfy the needs worldwide.

Based on this, it is fair to say that the Switch has showcased Nintendo’s ability to ride out a storm and constantly come up with new ways to shake up the market as well as remain competitive. And with the blueprint in place, gamers are already excited to see how this console will evolve in years to come.

Where did the xbox go wrong compared to the ps4?

Where did the Xbox go Wrong Compared to the PS4?Ever since the launch of the Xbox one, the PS4 has always outpaced its ratings and sales. With both being the captains of their industry, the Sony manufacturer has always enjoyed a lead in the console business. Apart from the Sony’s longer experience with the consoles, this article points out where the Xbox went wrong compared to the PS4.

Newer PS4 versions Always Beats the Xbox Features

In terms of power and graphical edge, the PS 4 has always maintained the cutting edge. The new release of Xbox one X is described Microsoft as the most powerful gaming machine ever made. Going by the features, the statement is in fact true. The Xbox graphics is the best but the PS4 pro game play is superior to worry about the graphics. In this case, PS4 game play undermines the Xbox power.

Less Advantages on Common Games

Sony has a number of timed exclusive deals that allows the PS4 console access to early access to bonus packs. In call of duty for example, the PS4 fans get early access to maps package. These deals with game developers have a positive advantage to the PS4 choice. The advantage will probably continue as the deals favor larger install base like Sony’s capacity.

The Games

The PS4 boasts of so many great games that can’t be supported by the Xbox console. For many gamers, this justifies what a better gaming console to purchase is. The thrill of the games is what makes it more Irresistible and the PS4 gets it right here.

The VR Gaming option

The Play station VR headsets lack the Xbox option that allows it to use the best VR headset. The best VR consoles now are Sony and their move controllers are really cool. The Sony VR has some games with more being added to the catalog. If you know what this means, then you will understand why your access to the best VR technology is limited if you only own an Xbox.

Free PS4 Offers

The Xbox has been charging their subscribers for every game for a long time. The PS 4 on the other end has been offering free games to its subscribers with consistency in value. The subscribers get to feel their money’s worth at the end. Lately, the Xbox manufacturers have copied the same culture with free monthly subscriptions.

Most Xbox Exclusives are PC Compatible
Most Xbox exclusives can be played on the PC. With this option, the Xbox becomes inclusiveness for PC owners. This limits the possibility of a PC owner to purchase an Xbox given the two options.

The Price

Ever since its launch the x box one series has always been some bucks more than its Sony rival. Although the gap may not be so significant, the little pinch itches too. Back then when Xbox one was launched, it sold at $499 which was $100 more compared to the PS4 vanilla. The current versions go for the same price but x box one x accessories would cost you an additional $150. In such a case, I think one would go for the less costly option.

Are Photo Booths a Passing Fad Destined to Be Replaced by Apps?

Photo booths have been a fixture of shopping malls, restaurants, and various locations for years. They have been a common feature at weddings, parties, and other events, allowing guests to bring a home a token to remember the day by. Eager users pile in, happily pose for a few cute shots, and get to customize and print their photos with a short waiting time.

Less traditional photo booths appear in everyday locations today, and it’s rarer to stumble across one, even in popular malls and tourist areas. However, some have been replaced by newer and more modern versions that are digitized. They offer more advanced features, print faster, and have more intuitive filters and editing options. Some can even directly download pictures from links to your social media posts, so you can take photos on your phone and print them at the booth.

But is all of this just a passing fad? Can more modern photo booths save this tradition? There has been some debate over whether or not photo booths will continue to be popular as the years progress. After all, photographs as a whole dwindle in popularity annually, what with the wonders of modern technological advancement that continue to develop and grow at a steady rate. Our smartphones are now capable of taking pictures and sharing them immediately to anyone in the world. Applications like Snapchat and other filter apps allow for special cameras that morph features and add cute or cool
characteristics to photos, while photo editing apps let users edit, airbrush, morph, draw on, and add stickers to pictures anytime.

Here’s the surprising truth: the photo booth business is still as booming as it has ever been! While they are less common in everyday locations, photo booth rentals for events are growing in popularity. Some photo booth provider companies have bookings for their products and services made years in advance! But how is this possible, when plenty of phone applications exist that can fill the need for these booths?

Traditional photographs have a simpler, more sentimental quality than digital pictures. You can hold them, frame them, and keep them as momentos and reminders of an important day in your life. They are known for being perceived as more romantic versions to the selfies that can easily be snapped everyday. On top of that, photo booths at events have a fun element to them that is almost akin to a carnival ride. In today’s world, they’re unique and exciting, which makes them a hit with guests. As they become less common, their novelty increases.

In a nutshell, while traditional photo booths become harder to find out and about and phone applications replace traditional picture-taking avenues, photo booths remain an integral and interesting part of countless events and are as popular as ever. With digital photo booths that have successfully made the 21st century transition, there’s no telling when these memory-making machines will fall out of style – or if they ever will.

3 Cool Gadgets Coming Out in 2018 Everyone Should Know About

With the boom in the cutting-edge high-tech gadgets, some specialists have raised concerns about the world of technology getting less exciting, since there has been so much innovation in the past couple of years resulting in having more iterations and less innovation for the upcoming era.

If you agree with this, you will certainly change your mind after reviewing some of the coolest inventions that are coming out this year. Although your smartphone may have replaced a lot of the stand-alone gadgets, there are still many great ideas out there your smartphone still cannot offer you. Here are 3 of the coolest gadgets coming out in 2018 that are enough to get your
mind blown.

1. SELFY’sAutonomous iPhone-Case Flying Camera Drone

With this cool gadget developed by SELFY Camera, you will not have to carry around a selfie stick the next time you hang out with your friends, nor will you have to stretch your hands and squeeze your head in to include everyone inside an average picture. Instead, all what you have to do is slide your smart phone out of your pocket, press a key and watch it as it takes
off into the air to take great selfies of you and your friends. This is no more fictional as this cool flying camera drone developed by SELFY Camera is about to come out and let you do so.

Although smart camera drones have been arising as a trend for a while now, SELFY takes this new gadget into a whole new level. The perk in this one is that it doubles as a case for your smart phone. This flying phone case camera is only 9mm (3/8 inch) thin, which makes it easy to slide in your pocket. This way, when an opportunity rises for a good selfie, you will surely have all what it takes to take a good one just by reaching your phone in your pocket.

2. Nutale Real Time GPS

This intelligent personal GPS tracker will let you track your kids, pets or any moving thing that you care about. It is user-friendly with its small size that makes it easy to place and carry anywhere. All you need to do is to download the app and attach the tracker to your beloved ones or your belongings. One of the cool features it brings you is real-time GPS tracking, giving you highly accurate information.

It enables you to set virtual fences to define safety zones, and comes with a Multiple Safety Zones feature, so you can rest assured that your beloved ones or objects are safe in more than once place. Once the tracked object leaves or enters the set safety region, you will directly receive a breach alert on your app.It also keeps record for 24 hours of location history
which you can easily check on the app, and traces footprints from the last 28 days which you can view on the Nutra GPS complete location records.

3. Motiv’s Fitness Tracking Ring

This simple, tiny wearble ring is claimed by Motiv to have impressive fitness tracking capabilities that, if true, will make this new product breakthrough the fitness wearables market and outrank standard fitness wristbands saturating the market. The titanium-encased ring can track you sleep pattern, fitness, steps and distance. Once you download its app, you will start receiving notifications about your health and fitness activity data. The ring also comes with an optical heart rate sensor, and has a long battery life that stays on from three to five days on one charge. Moreover, the ring is water-proof, so you need not to worry about taking your ring off each time you go under the shower or jump into a swimming pool. In terms of design, the ring comes in seven different sizes to suit everyone, and will be available in two colors, gray and rose gold. An elegant LED band is included which indicates charging and syncing notifications.

Three Different Types of Drones Which Are Most Popular

The three types of drones.

A drone is simply an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), this means they do not have a human pilot aboard. Drones are increasingly becoming popular in many households today owing to the fast adoption of technology by individuals. The introduction of drones has had a significant impact on people’s lives much like the introduction of personal computers two and a half decades ago. However, it is important that you gain a basic understanding of what exactly a drone is and the three major types of drones that are in the market place. The three types of drones exhibit totally different characteristics as they were designed for different purposes.

The first type of drone is the toy drone. Most enthusiasts start off with this one. This is because they are cheap and readily available and are flown strictly for recreational purposes. Although they are fitted with tiny cameras, they can only be used for fooling around and having a good laugh. They are good way to start off your flying experience before moving to a more expensive drone like the Standard camera or FPV drone. This is not only because they are low cost but also because they are easy to fly and won’t cause major damage when you crash. The Mavic Pro is arguably the best consumer grade drone and are enjoyed by millions of people around the world, even experienced pilots will certainly love flying these little machines.

The standard camera drone is by far the most popular drone that exists today. This refers to any drone that is fitted with a camera for the purposes of capturing aerial pictures and video. They have the ability to capture high resolution photos and record HD videos. These drones are available for entry level users all the way to high end professionals. Although they are popular in the recreational market, they are also the main aircrafts used in commercial drone flights. These drones are manufactured by DJI who are responsible for popularizing these systems. They are currently the largest producers of ready to fly camera drones all over the world. For those who love this particular type of drone, the Phantom 4 has an exceptional 4K-60fps video and advanced object collision avoidance feature.

The third type is the FPV drone. FPV means first person view, this type of drone is known for its invigorating high speed adrenaline rush created by racing other pilots. They are usually fitted with cameras and consist of mostly four rotors. The pilots can then receive live video feed to a set of video googles they are wearing. Although many people create their own FPV drones with a mixture of different elements, many companies are offering high end ready to use models. Many enthusiasts like this particular type of drone for its speed and agility. They are capable of flying with speeds of over 150 km per hour! Multiple-operator users are drawn to the Inspire 1 v2.0 for its serious HD camera systems.

Having said that, just know that flying a drone does not require special training. Controlling and guiding it can be learned on the go. You just take it to an open area and fly it.

Who Will WIn The Computer Battle Between Asus, Dell, Acer among others?

The super competitive PC computer industry has so many big players it os hard to distinguish who will become the future market leader. Technology is changing at a rapid speed and each company has to constantly think of the next big thing they can offer customers just to even stay in the race that is being one of the biggest computer companies.

What are the companies doing now?

In 2017 Asus revealed a pair of routers – the HiveSpot and HiveDot, this device extends the wifi area by allowing consumers to add additional devices throughout their home or office. This popular new to the market device shows Asus’s intention to cover new ground to keep the company progressing.

Offering one of the widest and most reliable ranges of laptops on the market, Dell’s biggest strengths lies in their premium range with the XPS 13 still having one of the great reputations on the market. In terms of new products, they developed the XPS 13 into the XPS 13 2in1 which offer the same incredible display as the regular XPS 13, only it can also be used as a tablet – a sign that Dell is committed to creating forward thinking products.

Acer released a Gaming Series line with Predator in an attempt to move ahead of their competitors.This high-end laptop can hit your wallet hard – you can find it for around the $9,000 mark, but any serious gamer will agree that it is worth the investment. It has a 21-inch curved screen that weighs 20 pounds – the first of its kind. The number pad can also be flipped to be used as a touch pad.It doesn’t stop there, Acer has also revealed their 30-inch monitor the Predator Z301CT, specially tailored for gaming – it even has eye tracking build in to make those kills easier.

The Future

In 2016 Dell purchased EMC in a deal worth $67 billion displaying an attempt to invest in their future. They announced a future investment of $4.5 billion in annual research and development spending, showing theirs intend to be ready to take on the market year on year. They also commented that their Cloud platform Pivotal which provides companies with software development and with companies such as Boeing using it, it shows that Dell is still developing technologies that are holding them in a strong position.

Acer has announced a catalog of 10-inch tablets including an impressive 8-hour battery life, they have also patented and installed their very own subwoofer in the tablets showing their intent to continually improve their technologies.Their new products, of course, includes the Predator range revealed earlier this year They have also revealed a look at their Virtual Reality headset range, the StarVR, and MR. This is keeping up with the competition who are investing in the VR technologies.

Asus has gone for a slightly different approach to their new ranges, offering various convenient products aimed at the lifestyle end of the industry. These include slimmer laptops that weigh less and are therefore more convenient to carry, as well as mini PCs, these are convenient for those with limited desk space, or who wish to buy a PC that will perform well but for a smaller price.

As always, the big computer companies are constantly revealing new technologies and products, but who’s will be the most successful? With the gaming industry being bigger and more stable than ever, Acers Predator series shows their intent as a series market contender in the laptop gaming industry. It seems like Dell has aimed at the corporate world as their success in that area does look like it will change as new technologies appear to offer businesses reliable products. Asus appears to be playing it safe. They have aimed come of their new products at the home market which time will tell if it is a sensible strategy. There is space in the market but who will dominate it remains to be seen. If we are talking exclusively about the gaming side, it would be hard to argue against Acer.

Are Smartphones Built To Last or Will a New Technology Take O-ver?

Smartphones, just like other pre-conventional gadgets that have come and gone, will also vanish when their opportune time comes. However, they are not going away very soon, at least about a decade to come. It is not something that will happen on an instant, but shall occur gradually, making the generation to hardly believe that the transition is actually taking place. In fact, if you have never realized it, you are being fooled by the smoothness with which this transition is occurring, because the smartphone demise has already began!

Every startup is laying their device to rest, slowly by slowly. Every day, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and many other startups are playing their part to achieve this transition.

It is highly predicted that the death of smartphones is going to bring weird things for everybody, in terms of our general lifestyle. Shifts happen, it takes time to get out of a certain era (think regular home phones) and shift into another one (mobile phones)

This is how it is going to happen and what will come after:

First Stage

Smartphones and iPhone Accessories are thought to be revolutionary gadgets and devices, able to do anything, yet small in size. But looking at it from another perspective, laptops are bigger but they serve a similar functions as smartphone, with additional components like a mouse and keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has Bixby which is a latest virtual assistant being predicted that there comes a time in the near future when it will enable you control every app and feature with your voice alone. The next iPhone is also said to have such features.

As Amazon Echo and other Devices such as Apple Watch and Sony PlayStation VR increasingly enjoy success, more companies are also on a move to invent better devices.

Second Stage

In this stage, all the current first-stage technologies and experimental technologies will start coming up with a more familiar but bizarre thing.

For instance, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, Google are trying to come up with standalone, augmented-reality headsets which will be able to project 3D images more straight to the eyes. This is probably going to replace all gadgets that use screen. It will further serve other functions such as chats, calls, games and movies, or in deed anything that your smartphone does..

This implies that the world is going to have both technology and real life seamlessly blended together, which is termed as a future of reduced technological distractions, increased balance, when finally both technological and physical world will become one thing.

Third Stage (The Climax)

In this era, crazy things are going to happen. Imagine wearing a pair of glasses and you are done with all about your technological needs! Here is when the craziest, unpredictable and forward looking things will happen.

Computers shall be part of humans as humans shall be part of computers. This is the destination of smartphones. Placing a neural lace as a way of integrating computers into our heads shall mark the climax of technological advancements.

The projected realities of the future of smartphones is a step by step process that is highly dependent on both research and intelligence. It is evidence-based, looking at the developments that have occurred in the arena of technology over the past years, and the rate at which they have been occurring. Augmenting human mind is therefore going to stand out as the ultimate superpower, since this is the greatest development to take place in the history of mankind.

How to set up the perfect home theatre system

When it comes to watching TV, we all look for a television that provides a good quality output of pixels. However, the part that is difficult is when it comes to choosing whats the best and most suitable technologies for television. The two most famous ones are LED and OLED. While Light Emitting Diode is known as a transmissive technology, the Organic Light Emitting Diode is an emissive technology.

Personally, I love an OLED TV compared to an LED one, due to the price and affordability. An OLED is a TV that produces its own light whereas the LED uses a back-light to illuminate the pixels. Due to the back lighting effects on the TV’s contrast, LED are being thrown out of the game and people have started opting for OLED, which has a higher display.

As far as music is concerned, its always advisable to opt for speakers that give a good surround sound system, unlike the ones that merely focus in one direction. The good thing is, we no longer need that big woofer to generate good sound anymore. The latest music system that is taking over the world right now is the PHANTOM. Just like the name, its a one foot long sound system with an all-in-one amplifier and speaker that delivers what audiophiles think maybe the best sound across the globe, making it a perfect suite for a small house.

Another option is beFree 5.1 surround sound audio system that is a good option for a home theater system. It has all the types of speakers surrounding the living room, making it the best fit for a big room. It has a sub-woofer to produce bass tones and other low frequency notes.

Additionally, it also has a center speaker which is the most important speaker of all the speakers in a sound system. All the ‘important’ sounds are channeled through the central speaker. A satellite speaker is another term used for a speaker that needs to be placed on the left or right side of the room. In short, there are two front speakers on the left and the right sides of the room and vice versa. At the very end, there is an equalizer, which will just be a part of your PC.

Now the trick is to set up a home theater system along with the TV, so the easiest way is to put the TV in a certain position that enables the view to be clear. In addition to this, the speakers can either be fixed on the four sides of the wall (satellite speakers) the woofer at the center of the room and the equalizer, which is just a part of the TV, placed near it.

Once you set your room up with the following electronics and arranged in a well-fashioned way, you will be amazed at the sound quality produced along with the picture quality! So buy your electronics after doing good research on the products and deploy them in the above steps. Trust me, its worth a try!

3 Fun Photo Editing Programs and Apps Anyone Can use

With many promising models of smartphones and cameras, we cannot stray from the urges of taking a candid photo and selfies of all kind. If you love traveling, your only trophies of every place you have been to are the photos itself. Same goes if you are fond of blogging whatever hobby you have on the internet.

Photos do not necessarily need to be perfect at all times. There may be deviances and tiny problems you may encounter of the photos you have taken, but that is just fine. There is a wide selection of fun photo editing programs and applications you may use to enhance and beautify your collections.

Photographers are knowledgeable when it comes to the sophisticated editing programs like Photoshop. But if you are not familiar with Photoshop, there are still many applications to use that are available to your smartphone or computers.

I have gathered some of the best and fun photo editing applications you may use that does not have to be time-consuming and hard to use. It is also free to use and download online, so you don’t have to worry about cost either. All you need is a device and the application, and then you may carry on to your editing business.

· Snapseed

Snapseed is a Google application that makes editing easier and fun in many ways. It offers the basic tools in editing such as cropping and rotating. It also has many filters you can choose from whichever interest you. Not only that, the same as other applications, you can add texts and frames. The only difference it has from other applications is you get to view your editing history from which it tops them all.

· Photoshop Fix

If you are not familiar with Adobe Photoshop, you may want to try Photoshop Fix. Because the Adobe desktop version is sometimes hard to understand, this application is a mixture of Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop. You can edit using the tools contained in Snapseed; and if you are not yet satisfied you can also enjoy the variety of tools that are more advanced in order to get the right editing you want to see. This is offered for free, but you can also upgrade to a premium account to enjoy everything you can get from it.


This application is infamous nowadays. You can shoot photos from here; edit them with the best blends of exposure, contrast, saturation and such. Also, there is a community where in you can share your photos. VSCO can be downloaded by android phones, iPhones, and even computers. It is the simplest application that offers classy editing and great results. I recommend this if you love connecting with people.

People all have different taste. We can be specific sometimes, and hate that we can’t get the result we want. The applications above are just the most commonly used and most useful apps that are easy and fun to use.

If you want more, you may just find the right application that suits you well. Regardless of application, the most important factor that would highlight your photo is the reason behind it and the memories you can get from the shots you take.

Have fun editing your photos. And continue to live life to the fullest.

Learn Digital Photography – Basic Tips for Beginners

Fundamentals are essential to whatever your hobby or pastime. If you can learn the basics then you have a foundation for the future. So here are some of my tips to get your started.

1 Get into the habit A casual observer never really involved on the fringes of pastime and never does anything worthwhile. It’s the same with photography. If you regularly shoot images that you never really get into photography. You need to develop a routine for taking pictures on a frequent basis. Only then can you implement the things you have learned. So plan your time in days or a week, regularly, so you know that you shoot allocated learning time.

2 Learn your equipment basics Getting Started with your tripod, flash, camera and other pieces will be familiar in your kit to help you create a foundation for learning. To learn creativity, you have to know where your aperture, shutter speed and ISO to change. Familiarize yourself with the most important settings of the camera and get to know their positions with the eye to the viewfinder. Once you know that starting this dials, buttons and switches then ready to shoot real images.

3 Get closer So many inexperienced photographers are too far away from a possible motive and leave huge expanses of dead or negative space that serves no purpose in the picture. Use your feet to get closer and fill the frame with your subject or composition. This is what memories are all about. Pictures with people who fill the viewfinder. Years from now you will want to remember it and not a dot in a photograph. Remember that the photos to create visual memories.

4 Use the rule of thirds This is a simple but effective rule that you need to understand before you break it. Set your screen overlaid with a Tic-Tac or nought and crosses grid, which most of us played as children. These lines break the screen up into thirds horizontally and vertically. Where these lines intersect are focal points or places where you can position your subjects. The horizontal line is where you place your horizon, never in the middle of the image. Effectively with this rule will dramatically improve your images.

5 Change your angle Think about it! Most of the photos that you see in albums shot on screens or in books on the subject to 5 feet or 1.5 meters above the ground. This, climb through variation by changing the angle to move the feet up a tree or lying on your back, you will dramatically improve your images. Do not be afraid to look stupid when you try to get a really great shot. Experiment and find the shot that works for you. You will not be disappointed.

6.Busy backgrounds or recognizable background objects lessen the impact of your photo. Make sure the background won’t overwhelm or detract from your shot. The subject should stand out against a simple background.

There are many basic tips that I could give you. These are just a few that will change your photography very quickly and go on your photographic journey with the speed and with more skill. Do not ever be afraid to experiment and try different things. Happy shooting!