Three Different Types of Drones Which Are Most Popular

The three types of drones.

A drone is simply an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), this means they do not have a human pilot aboard. Drones are increasingly becoming popular in many households today owing to the fast adoption of technology by individuals. The introduction of drones has had a significant impact on people’s lives much like the introduction of personal computers two and a half decades ago. However, it is important that you gain a basic understanding of what exactly a drone is and the three major types of drones that are in the market place. The three types of drones exhibit totally different characteristics as they were designed for different purposes.

The first type of drone is the toy drone. Most enthusiasts start off with this one. This is because they are cheap and readily available and are flown strictly for recreational purposes. Although they are fitted with tiny cameras, they can only be used for fooling around and having a good laugh. They are good way to start off your flying experience before moving to a more expensive drone like the Standard camera or FPV drone. This is not only because they are low cost but also because they are easy to fly and won’t cause major damage when you crash. The Mavic Pro is arguably the best consumer grade drone and are enjoyed by millions of people around the world, even experienced pilots will certainly love flying these little machines.

The standard camera drone is by far the most popular drone that exists today. This refers to any drone that is fitted with a camera for the purposes of capturing aerial pictures and video. They have the ability to capture high resolution photos and record HD videos. These drones are available for entry level users all the way to high end professionals. Although they are popular in the recreational market, they are also the main aircrafts used in commercial drone flights. These drones are manufactured by DJI who are responsible for popularizing these systems. They are currently the largest producers of ready to fly camera drones all over the world. For those who love this particular type of drone, the Phantom 4 has an exceptional 4K-60fps video and advanced object collision avoidance feature.

The third type is the FPV drone. FPV means first person view, this type of drone is known for its invigorating high speed adrenaline rush created by racing other pilots. They are usually fitted with cameras and consist of mostly four rotors. The pilots can then receive live video feed to a set of video googles they are wearing. Although many people create their own FPV drones with a mixture of different elements, many companies are offering high end ready to use models. Many enthusiasts like this particular type of drone for its speed and agility. They are capable of flying with speeds of over 150 km per hour! Multiple-operator users are drawn to the Inspire 1 v2.0 for its serious HD camera systems.

Having said that, just know that flying a drone does not require special training. Controlling and guiding it can be learned on the go. You just take it to an open area and fly it.