Choosing which destination to travel to is as important and as exciting as buying your first car. You have to consider several factors: people, distance, security etc. Number one destination in 2017 has to be Brighton, United Kingdom. Brighton has always been a tourist attraction. The life style there keeps evolving and you can visit every year and have a different experience each time you do. Of course most people who have been there will tell you about the beautiful Brighton beach and amazing nightlife. But for me, Brighton offers a lot more than that. It’s all about the people. You feel right at home as soon as you get there. Almost everyone is friendly and welcoming. Every club or shop you enter presents a new experience.

Another great destination is the Island of Mauritius. This is a beautiful country which has some many beautiful sights. It has beautiful beaches, amazing architecture, rich history and wonderful people. Africa is a continent with so much history and Mauritius is one place that showcases this. The Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis, Mauritius has an unbelievable collection of paintings and sculptures. I guarantee you will never see anything like it anywhere else in the world. Port louis also has an amazing night life and just like Brighton the people make your experience unforgettable.

Boracay, Philippines is probably the most breathtaking location to visit in 2017. It is definitely one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. In fact, Boracay was awarded the 2012 best island in the world (International travel magazine). But this island is more than just about attractive beaches and nice food, it is about the culture and people. The Ati-Atihan festival in itself is enough reason to visit. This will give an experience like no other. The beautiful beaches and architecture is only a bonus.

Cape Verde is an island off the coast of West Africa. Some may think of this as a less obvious choice but my research says otherwise. The music, the dance, the food are only a few reasons why anyone will choose to visit this island. Everything about this place is unique. If a new experience and unforgettable memories are what you are looking for then Cape Verde should be your target. The beaches and mountains are like no other.

The last but not the least is Barbados. I realize this is a more obvious choice than the other 4 locations but it had to be on my list. This island is filled with surprises. I mean not only do they have the most exquisite beaches and hotels but the Carnivals in this island are mind blowing. If fun and excitement is what you are looking for than look no further than Barbados.

To conclude, every travel location in the world has something that differentiates it from other places. But my experience has shown me that people are just as important as recreational sites. These are the top 5 locations to visit in 2017, and I guarantee that every experience in these places will be unique and memorable.