Where did the xbox go wrong compared to the ps4?

Where did the Xbox go Wrong Compared to the PS4?Ever since the launch of the Xbox one, the PS4 has always outpaced its ratings and sales. With both being the captains of their industry, the Sony manufacturer has always enjoyed a lead in the console business. Apart from the Sony’s longer experience with the consoles, this article points out where the Xbox went wrong compared to the PS4.

Newer PS4 versions Always Beats the Xbox Features

In terms of power and graphical edge, the PS 4 has always maintained the cutting edge. The new release of Xbox one X is described Microsoft as the most powerful gaming machine ever made. Going by the features, the statement is in fact true. The Xbox graphics is the best but the PS4 pro game play is superior to worry about the graphics. In this case, PS4 game play undermines the Xbox power.

Less Advantages on Common Games

Sony has a number of timed exclusive deals that allows the PS4 console access to early access to bonus packs. In call of duty for example, the PS4 fans get early access to maps package. These deals with game developers have a positive advantage to the PS4 choice. The advantage will probably continue as the deals favor larger install base like Sony’s capacity.

The Games

The PS4 boasts of so many great games that can’t be supported by the Xbox console. For many gamers, this justifies what a better gaming console to purchase is. The thrill of the games is what makes it more Irresistible and the PS4 gets it right here.

The VR Gaming option

The Play station VR headsets lack the Xbox option that allows it to use the best VR headset. The best VR consoles now are Sony and their move controllers are really cool. The Sony VR has some games with more being added to the catalog. If you know what this means, then you will understand why your access to the best VR technology is limited if you only own an Xbox.

Free PS4 Offers

The Xbox has been charging their subscribers for every game for a long time. The PS 4 on the other end has been offering free games to its subscribers with consistency in value. The subscribers get to feel their money’s worth at the end. Lately, the Xbox manufacturers have copied the same culture with free monthly subscriptions.

Most Xbox Exclusives are PC Compatible
Most Xbox exclusives can be played on the PC. With this option, the Xbox becomes inclusiveness for PC owners. This limits the possibility of a PC owner to purchase an Xbox given the two options.

The Price

Ever since its launch the x box one series has always been some bucks more than its Sony rival. Although the gap may not be so significant, the little pinch itches too. Back then when Xbox one was launched, it sold at $499 which was $100 more compared to the PS4 vanilla. The current versions go for the same price but x box one x accessories would cost you an additional $150. In such a case, I think one would go for the less costly option.