Who Will WIn The Computer Battle Between Asus, Dell, Acer among others?

The super competitive PC computer industry has so many big players it os hard to distinguish who will become the future market leader. Technology is changing at a rapid speed and each company has to constantly think of the next big thing they can offer customers just to even stay in the race that is being one of the biggest computer companies.

What are the companies doing now?

In 2017 Asus revealed a pair of routers – the HiveSpot and HiveDot, this device extends the wifi area by allowing consumers to add additional devices throughout their home or office. This popular new to the market device shows Asus’s intention to cover new ground to keep the company progressing.

Offering one of the widest and most reliable ranges of laptops on the market, Dell’s biggest strengths lies in their premium range with the XPS 13 still having one of the great reputations on the market. In terms of new products, they developed the XPS 13 into the XPS 13 2in1 which offer the same incredible display as the regular XPS 13, only it can also be used as a tablet – a sign that Dell is committed to creating forward thinking products.

Acer released a Gaming Series line with Predator in an attempt to move ahead of their competitors.This high-end laptop can hit your wallet hard – you can find it for around the $9,000 mark, but any serious gamer will agree that it is worth the investment. It has a 21-inch curved screen that weighs 20 pounds – the first of its kind. The number pad can also be flipped to be used as a touch pad.It doesn’t stop there, Acer has also revealed their 30-inch monitor the Predator Z301CT, specially tailored for gaming – it even has eye tracking build in to make those kills easier.

The Future

In 2016 Dell purchased EMC in a deal worth $67 billion displaying an attempt to invest in their future. They announced a future investment of $4.5 billion in annual research and development spending, showing theirs intend to be ready to take on the market year on year. They also commented that their Cloud platform Pivotal which provides companies with software development and with companies such as Boeing using it, it shows that Dell is still developing technologies that are holding them in a strong position.

Acer has announced a catalog of 10-inch tablets including an impressive 8-hour battery life, they have also patented and installed their very own subwoofer in the tablets showing their intent to continually improve their technologies.Their new products, of course, includes the Predator range revealed earlier this year They have also revealed a look at their Virtual Reality headset range, the StarVR, and MR. This is keeping up with the competition who are investing in the VR technologies.

Asus has gone for a slightly different approach to their new ranges, offering various convenient products aimed at the lifestyle end of the industry. These include slimmer laptops that weigh less and are therefore more convenient to carry, as well as mini PCs, these are convenient for those with limited desk space, or who wish to buy a PC that will perform well but for a smaller price.

As always, the big computer companies are constantly revealing new technologies and products, but who’s will be the most successful? With the gaming industry being bigger and more stable than ever, Acers Predator series shows their intent as a series market contender in the laptop gaming industry. It seems like Dell has aimed at the corporate world as their success in that area does look like it will change as new technologies appear to offer businesses reliable products. Asus appears to be playing it safe. They have aimed come of their new products at the home market which time will tell if it is a sensible strategy. There is space in the market but who will dominate it remains to be seen. If we are talking exclusively about the gaming side, it would be hard to argue against Acer.